Troy – Chief Designer and Project Manager
Troy’s background in design + business led him to co-found BOLDER Web Design. With the belief that nearly every problem in the business world is foremost a communication challenge, Troy endeavors to improve communication by implementing well-designed messages on the world’s most powerful communication tool: the Internet. Troy’s experience includes web design, graphic design, photography, print media, and project management and delivery. Troy attended Yale University where he received his bachelor’s degree in architecture design in 2009.


Lance – Digital Marketing and Account Manager
Lance’s passion for business and people ultimately landed him at BOLDER Web Design. He began his career working for Goldman Sachs in New York City where he learned above all how valuable good communication really is in the business world. After a few short years, however, he quickly realized the bars of the corporate cage were not for him and transitioned back to Colorado where he started a new career in digital marketing. In this capacity, Lance gained exposure to the challenges that businesses face as they begin to really establish themselves online. He saw their struggles. He learned what works. And now at BOLDER Web Design, he helps other businesses create solutions for good communication with their online customers as they strive to prosper in this new digital era.


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