In March of 2012, Troy sat in his cubicle at his corporate job in downtown Denver wondering how he’d found himself there. Despite a strong interest in technology, innovation and small business, he found himself at a large, conservative, international corporation working behind a computer screen every single day. And he felt like it was slowly crushing all the passion in his career. Troy called Lance that day over his lunch break and said, “It’s time for something new.”
Lance looked up from his cubicle in New York City. He’d become accustomed to the long workweeks that accompanied his finance job in New York, but it didn’t mean he liked it anymore than Troy did. “Ok, I’m in. So what now?”
The conversation would eventually lead to the creation of Bolder Web Design, not just as an alternative to working for the man, but also as a solution to it. You see, what Troy and Lance later understood is that the source of their frustrations with their corporate jobs was a twofold lack of communication in the corporate world and a lack of responsiveness and agility of the corporate business model.

Those two factors – communication and responsiveness to changes in the business world – would become cornerstones of Bolder Web Design. Here at Bolder Web Design, we believe that communication can solve nearly every problem and challenge in the business world. We also know that innovations in technology have and will continue to change the face of business, and responsiveness to that change is essential for long-term success.
Founded in early 2013, Bolder Web Design helps small and medium-sized businesses leverage the Internet to secure and grow their businesses. We implement the best Internet technologies + strategic web and brand design for real world results. It’s about using the right tools to reach your audience with the right message, beautifully designed around them. For us, business is all about serving people; we serve our clients by helping them serve theirs.
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