ROADMAP – Create the Perfect Customer Experience to Convert more Fans & Customers

Here at Bolder Web Design, we believe the secret to driving more business is providing the right experience to your target audience.  Makes sense, right?  It’s really not a profound concept, but like many things, putting it into practice can be a challenge.  To make it a little easier, we’re going to let you in on our secret formula for creating AWESOME customer experiences to convert fans and customers.



Reach >> Engage >> Provide Value >> Create Trust >> Convert >> Deliver


REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.  The first step to creating the perfect customer experience is getting an audience with your target audience. You have to reach them.  To do so, you have to understand their habits and trends as a group.  Is your target audience professionals or consumers? What are their schedules like?  Where do they hangout, online and off?  Are they smartphone users?  What about social media?  When and where are they going to be most receptive to learning about your product or service?  Learn the behavioral trends of your audience in order to reach them on their terms.

ENGAGE THEM.  So now you’ve reached them.  It’s time to engage.  The problem is attention spans are short, so your challenge is to grab their attention.  Two great strategies for grabbing attention are humor and controversy.   Again, this means you’ve got to know your audience.  Controversy only grabs attention if it’s something the audience cares about.  The same goes for humor.  What does your audience care about?  Hook them with something that resonates with them personally.

Blog#4_adphotoThis ad is an example of using controversy to grab attention, and it certainly worked on me.
I was held spellbound for several seconds when I saw this walking down the street last week.

PROVIDE VALUE.  Now that you have your audience’s attention, it’s time to deliver.  No, not your product or service.  (That comes later.)  First you must deliver a promise:  that you are there to help and provide value, not just take your audience’s money.  But talk is cheap, so demonstrate that you are there to help by providing value upfront.  There are countless ways you can do this, but, once again, you have to know your audience and what they value in order to provide value to them.  It can be as simple as an informational resource on local bike trails or free popsicles on a hot summer day (something I did for a previous business with great results).

CREATE TRUST.  Usually, if you provide some value to your target audience, they will begin to trust you.  From there, it’s up to you to foster and maintain that trust.  The best ways to do so are to keep the lines of communication open, and take any opportunity to help them.  The goal is to attain the status of trusted-advisor in the mind of your target audience so that you are the first person they think of when they need the product or service your business provides.

CONVERT FANS & CUSTOMERS.  Once you’ve attained the role of trusted advisor, it’s time to convert.  You’ve got their attention, demonstrated value, and gained their trust.  Now it’s time to call your audience to take action.  In the business world, you don’t get what you don’t ask for, so ask your audience to purchase your product or service.  Many are ready and willing and just need a nudge in the right direction, so call them to act right now.  You won’t close every person from your target audience, because not everyone will be in a position to buy your product or service.  But you’ll convert many, and for the rest, you’ve already demonstrated value and gained their trust, so ask them to signup for your mailing list or like your Facebook page so you can keep them informed on future developments.  At this point, they’re already fans; it’s your job to help them show it.

DELIVER.  The last step is to deliver on everything you’ve promised and more.  For customers, this means delivering your product and service on time, as promised, and with a great attitude.  For non-customers, it means keeping the lines of communication open and maintaining their trust.  By doing this, you’ll convert and maintain fans, who will serve as a free, word-of-mouth marketing force for your business.

A recurring theme in our roadmap is know your target audience This piece is essential to creating an experience to convert your audience into fans and customers.  If you don’t know your target audience really well, take the time to define them clearly and understand them on a deep level.  Empowered with this understanding and the roadmap above, you can create the perfect experience and grow your business.  There are no shortcuts in this process; the only way to create real value is to role up your sleeves and work at it.  But if you’re willing to put in the effort and follow this process, you’ll increase your conversions and your business will grow.