CHECKLIST – Is Your Website Outdated?

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the business world about web standards for business sites.  Many of our clients simply aren’t familiar with web standards, causing them a lot of anxiety about their websites.  The good news is it’s not that complicated.  Checkout our Website Checklist below to learn if your site stacks up. 

Bolder Web Design Website Checklist
Unsure if your business’s website is out of date?  Checkout these 6 checklist items to find out!

1) Is there a clear announcement describing what your business does near the top of your site?
If you’ve gotten a visitor to your site, it’s really important they know immediately what your business does.  So make sure you announce what your business does prominently near the top of your site.

5 Miles High assessment

5 Miles High Announcement + Call to action


2) Do your site visitors know what they are supposed to do when they get to your website?  Is there a call to action?
Once your visitors are at your site and know what your business is about, it’s important you tell them what they are supposed to do next.  Include calls to action such as “check out our work” or “buy now” so your visitors know what steps they are supposed to take next.

3) Does your website display nicely on your smartphone?
Over 50% of web traffic happens on smartphones with small screens.  If you’re website doesn’t display correctly, you’re losing fans and customers!

mobile home page

Coupon Echo’s Mobile Page


Coupon Echo Home

Coupon Echo’s Homepage









4) Has any content been added or updated in the last 12 months?
If not, you’re website’s SEO ranking is suffering and you’re probably not engaging and converting your audience as well as you could.

5) Has the design been updated since the site launched (or in the last 3 years)?
Like #4 above, if the answer is no, your site is probably behind the times and due for a refresh. The good news is you can retheme your site design for a fraction of the time and cost it required in the past.

6) Is your website’s copyright date current?
Perhaps the easiest item to check, if you’re copyright (almost always located at the very bottom of your site) is outdated, your website is being neglected and putting your business at risk.  Time to start thinking about that site refresh!


Bolder Web Design Copyright Date


Sure, there’s an enormous range of design and development options available when it comes to your website, but this checklist covers the basics every business site needs.  So if you answered yes to all the checklist questions above, you’re website is probably at least sufficiently up to date.  For those that answered no to any of the questions, you’re probably due for a refresh.  But don’t worry; the process need not be wildly difficult or expensive.  We offer free site assessments and consultations, so contact us today to get started.